Satis Shroff was awarded the Heimatmedaille Baden –Württemberg for Literature and Heimatpflege last Sunday during the Heimattage. The university lecturer, author, artist, singer and humanist hails from Nepal. He has been living since a long time in Freiburg-Kappel and is a member of the men’s choir (Männergesangverein ‘Liederkranz’).


The medal recipient said: ‘Something important would be missing without songs in my life.’

To me, ‘Heimat’ is the Dreisam Valley and its people, my neighbours and my friends from the men’s choir who are close to me. I am connected here with people from my own life circle and profession. I have intensive exchange of thoughts and ideas with creative artists like Thomas Rees, Herbert Tombreul and literature-friends Ernst and Helene Ehemann (KKV-Kappel). The Art and Culture Association an enhancement in my life. This is where I feel secure (geborgen) and treasured and appreciated because Heimat is for me a feeling of Geborgenheit, being secure and loved, instead of a place. Heimat is for also Literature, especially English and German Lit.’

Books by Satis Shroff on: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/satisle


Dreisamtälerkonzert in St. Peter, Scwarzwald

Neruda Award 2017: Satis Shroff (Crispiano, Italy)



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