Heimat Feelings in Baden-Württemberg (Satis Shroff)

Journalist Dinah Steinbrink did the moderation for the Heimatmedaille Baden-Württemberg 2018 at the Katholischen Gemeindezentrum in Waldkirch.


Ah, the name Baden-Württemberg makes you think of the Germany’s Black Forest, the heights of the Swabian Alb, Oberschwaben, Hohenlohe and the boat rides along the romantic rivers Neckar and Rhine.

Heimat Days are when history comes becomes alive. Impulses are created with the roots of one’s identity and the possibility is given to have a look at the stories of the towns of morgen.

Heimat doesn’t stagnate and is always ‘in flow’ and becomes more and more a feeling, rather than a place. Why? We, humans, are all in motion. The Heimattage event are made to give us all the opportunity to look for one’s personal Heimat feelings. What makes Baden-Württemberg so attractive as a Heimat? How do the people feel when they have lost their Heimat? This happened to ethnic Germans when they were forced under gunpoint to leave their former territories and head for Germany after it had lost the World War II and was forced to capitulate by the Soviet Union and the USA and its Allies.
Can different Heimats come together?

Satis Shroff (Heimatmedaille 2018) with Minister Theresia Bauer MdL and Roman Götzmann, the Oberbürgermeister of Waldkirch

‘The town of Waldkirch is pleased to be the host of the Heimat Days, to show the many facettes of the state Baden-Württemberg,’ said Roman Götzmann, the town’s Öberbürgermeister. He was also of the opinion that the upkeeping of the traditions and customs also belong to the description of Heimat.

Waldkirch has been organising events such as: Baden-Württemberg Day in the inner part of the city in May 2018. This was followed by the Landesfesttage with the award of the Heimatmedaille on 7.9.2018 in which ten citizens who have shown social engagement and made special contributions in the category Heimat to enhance customs and traditions.

The 8th of September marked the Brauchtumsabend in which groups from the Heimat and Trachten Associations (vereine) from Baden-Württemberg performed traditional dances, music, folksongs local dialects galore with all their peculiarities.
Yesterday (9.9.2018) was the grande procession ‘Landesfestumzug’ in which 90 Tracht and Dance groups, music bands, fire-brigades and floats from Waldkirch and the entire Baden-Württemberg took part in a colourful procession with a lot of oomph. Not only the vereins were involved in the great cultural festival but also the children’ groups and institutions.The children wore costumes to represent such themes as: the Kastelburg, historical marketplace festival, Mother Nature with Elz, Kandel with local animals, handworkers (masons, carpenters, bakers), the Orgelfest, ‘s Bad (the spa), a replica the St. Margarethen church. Even Liestal (Helvetia), which is the partner town of Waldkirch, took part with its own groups.

3500 participants came from different parts of Baden-Württemberg, Lake Constance, the Black Forest, Zweitäler Land, Swabian Alb and Hohenlohe.

At the end of the Landesfestumzug (procession) Landesvater Winfried Kretschmann and Roman Götzmann handed over the Heimattage flag to Hartmuth Holzwarth, the Oberbürgermesiter (Grand Mayor) of Winnenden, which will be staging the next Heimattage.

A Trachten Exhibition that started on the 24th of August will be held till the 24th of September at the Sparkasse in Waldkirch from 9am till 16.pm in which exceptional hand-made objects will be shown, accessoires, leggings, stockings and, of course, Trachten costumes from the entire baden-Württemberg

And on the 22nd of November the best scientific studies on ‘social engagement’ will be awarded for ‘Heimat Research’ at the Pfarrzentrum in Waldkirch.

Image may contain: 8 people, including Satis Shroff, people smiling, people standing, wedding and outdoor
After the award of the Heimatmedaille at the sekt & snacks reception of Waldkirch City 2018
Image may contain: 3 people, including Satis Shroff, people smiling, suit Image may contain: 5 people, including Satis Shroff, people smiling, people standing

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