A rhapsody of yellow, orange
Scarlet hues suggest peace,
Yet when the wind blows over the leaves,

It becomes a Feuertanz
In dynamic rouge, yellow, brown:
Glowing and strewn in the air,

And you long for the warmth of your cosy room.

The landscape in ochre, sand and acryls and aquarelle,

Created by Mother Nature,

Throws a mysterious veil
In the early morning.

A delight for the eyes

Of the passing observer and connoisseur:

Of Nature landscapes in the Schwarzwald.
Nature’s artistry: secretive and mysterious.

Outside the sun is at ten O’ clock,
Throwing your shadows on the Alpine meadows,
Akin to the highly expressive figures
Of Alberto Giacometti.
There’s arresting artistry in the works

Of Mother Nature like writings,
Revealed subtly beneath colours.
Smells, taste and crushed leaves

Making you curious,
Beckoning you
To find the meanings
Behind the sensory symbols.

A dialogue takes place
Between the observer
And Nature,

Where you experience  kinetic energy
As well as the peace and tranquility.

It’s autumn in Freiburg,
The Black Forest is laden
With brown, green, yellow red leaves
Tossed carelessly
By the wind.

In Herbst you hear
The expressive rustling movement
Of the leaves.
In the distance looms Kaiserstuhl
With its vineyards,
The blue Vosges peaks of France,
Beyond the Rhine.

In Kappel you discern the whirling of the leaves,
Caused by the Höllentäler,
The wind from the Vale of Hell.
A storm is swirling colours:
Pink and red surrounded by white,
Like snow in a whiteout,

The pitter and patter of rain,

Amidst the din of the thunder

Followed by flashes of thunder

Over the Schwarzwald hills.


Nature undergoes a series of mutations,
Where metamorphosis of shapes and forms

And cell migration takes place.
The seasonal changes evoke migrations

Among birds and humans,

In the quest for better pastures, warmth

And a safe haven to roost.
When the travel is over it’s time
For reflections of their inner lives.
The themes are innumerable,

In the quest from the micro to the macro cosmos.


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