SUMMER WIND (Satis Shroff)


It’s a lovely morning, the blackbirds are awake and singing. Towards St. Peter and Stegen the sun has arisen in all its golden and scarlet splendor. It’s six o’ clock in the morning on my balcony.

A wind blows from Maier’s hill and the rows of pine trees begin to sway. The blackbirds, finches and sparrows begin chirping and twittering in stuccato rhythm.

My neighbour’s weeping willow tree on the hill begins a dance of its own, with its long flaying green branches and twigs. The wind on the pines creates a steady wave-like howling din which increases in intensity. It begins to pitter and patter, as the rain is unleashed gradually by the grey rain clouds above.

Out in the blue mountainous horizon of the Schwarzwald, the sky still has a yellow glow but in Kappel, a storm seems to be building up. I sit on the chair in the balcony and drink my cuppa Earl Grey tea pepped up with garam masala, and register the rainy phenomenon.

Mrs. Loy’s blue lavender, which she’d planted early this year, are swaying  in the wind, as though they’re delighted that’s it’s raining. Above the lavender the weeping-willow, with its branches in clumps, are being whipped by the wind, and look like persecuted prisoners that make vain attempts to get away but are rooted to the green meadow on Maier’s hill.
It’s Sunday morning. The free Sonntagsblatt has been distributed in Freiburg’s mailboxes. It has the usual pages with ads that everyone skims through like a ritual. What has Aldi to offer this Thursday? There was a mention in the local BZ that the vegetable shop in Kappel wouldn’t amount to much by the head of a rabbit rearing organization. And a lot of customers were enraged because this was untrue. Such a shop is very useful because it has biological consumer products to offer, freshly baked bread, and functions as a post-office. Mr. Michael Band, the proprietor, even delivers products to disabled and elderly people for free. This is a service that no supermarket would offer to the community. That’s social engagement which you don’t find in the surrounding supermarkets like: Edeka, Aldi, Penny etc.

The so-called storm seems to have abated but in due time the rain makes its presence felt with heavier drops on the leaves, branches, twigs and rooftops. A welcome rain, after days of tropical heat. Two buzzards circle the sky above the big meadow, looking for scurrying field mice.

In the evenings there are ravens flying about in Kappel since they’re been banished from downtown Freiburg. Their eggs are destroyed by civil servants before they’re hatched to reduce the population of the black feathered friends, who are regarded as public enemies.



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