Heimatpflegerische Engagement Baden-Württemberg: Satis Shroff, MGV-Kappel

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Vergnügen und gratulieren den geehrten Sänger/innen

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Matinee of the Dreisam Valley Choirs (Satis Shroff)

The Dreisamtal choirs staged  a concert to honour its eldest singers in the Sommerberg Hall in Buchenbach, near Freiburg, at a matinee.  A matinee is actually an afternoon theatrical performance, but in the French sense of the word ‘ matin’ which means ‘morning’ or  what occupies a morning.

Singers of the MGV-Kappel in Buchenbach’s Sommerhalle on March,25,2018

We’re proud of our singers who have sung in the singing associations (vereine) for 60, 65 and 70 years in their respective choirs. The following members were honoured for 25 years in their respective choirs: George Fehrenbach (Zarten), Elsbeth Weingärtner (Zarten) and Hermann Löffler (St Peter). Franz Wißler was honoured for 40 years as a singer in his MGV-Kappel.

The member of Buchenbach  Hermann Rombach was honoured for  50 years as a verein-singer.

Pius Schelb (Kirchzarten), Oskar Fehrenbach (St Peter) and Richard Linder (MGV-Kappel) were honoured for the 60 years in their singing-associations.

MGV-Kappel’s Adolf Freßle was delighted to celebrate his 65th anniversary as a singer.

Satis Shroff (MGV-Kappel) mit Artur Faller (MGV Buchenbach)

And Artur Faller from MGV Buchenbach topped them all with 70 years in his verein.

The following choirs sang  to honour the chosen singers: the men’s choir Buchenbach, Kirchzarten, Oberried, St. Peter, Zarten and the gospel-choir ‘Zarduna Sind and Swing.’

The event began at 11 am on the 25th of March 2018. Entry was free. Für das leiblich Wohl wurde gesorgt, that is, snacks and drinks were available in the Buchenbacher Sonnenberg HaAdolf FreßAlell.

Adolf Freßle (MGV-Kappel): Ehrung für 65 jähr. Jubilare

MGV-Kappel Events in 2018: The men’s choir from Kappel celebrated and honoured its member: Franz Wißler for his 40 loyal years in the men’s choir, Richard Linder for 60 years and Adolf Freßle for singing with the men’s choir since 65 years. The Männergesangverein-Kappel will be sang:

  • the Beatles song ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ in the German language which has the title ‘Ich will nur Liebe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srwxJUXPHvE
  • Das Elternhaus (Fr. Wiedemann) was sung by MGV-Kappel and MGC-St Peter.
  • Deep River (arrangement by Norber Luboff) was sung by all the men and mixed choirs of the Dreisam Valley.
  • Morgen Rot (Gedicht von Dr. K. Hoffmann) was sung by all the choirs.
  • The other German folks and hits were:
  • MGV Buchenbach dressed in their lovely light grey Trachten saccos sang ‘Lied nach Ansage’, followed by MGV Zarten with two songs: ‘Nimmt die Stunden, wie..’ and a well know song ‘Wochenend und Sonnenschein’ Weekend and Sunshine). It was really sunny outside and the snow could be seen only in the higher reaches of the Schwarzwald.
  • Then came the singers of Oberried who also sang two songs: ‘Schwing dich auf (Othmar Kist) and ‘A ca’ (with arrangements by Arnold Kempkens).
  • The mixed choir from Zarten sang ‘Das Ave Maria der Berge’, Gesangverein Ebnet sang ‘Schau auf die Welt’ (John Rutter) and the Gospel choir ZsaS sang ‚ I Will Follow Him‘ (JW Stolle) and Hail Holy Queen (traditional arrangement by (M. Shaiman).
  • MGV Buchen sang Franz Schubert’s ‘Räuberquartett’ , followed by MC Kirchzarten with ‚Jägerchor/The Tale (KM v.Weber) and MGV St Peter sang the popular Austrian hit ‘Weit, weit weg’ and MGV Kappel sang an olde folksong ‘Durch’s Wiesetal. ‘
  • As mentioned above MGV Kappel and St Peter sang ‘Das Elternhaus’ (Büchse). Then came MGV Buchenbach with ‘Abendfrieden’ (Hildegart Eckert). The last two songs ‘Das Morgenrot’ and ‘’Deep River’ were sung by all singers.
  • * * *

Other events of the MGV-Kappel this year are:

  • ‘Freiburg Singt’ on the 30th of June 2018.
  • The MGV-Kappel’s Sommer Concert is on the 14th of July 2018 at St. Peter and Paul in Kappel.
  • And our annual Weihnachtskonzert is, as usual, on the 26th of December 2018.

Frühschoppen – Erhebet das Glas

Erhebet das Glas!

Gold funkelt der Wein.

Sänger, Sänger wollen Freunde sein.

Prost ! Salute ! Cheers ! Kampai ! Gambay ! Kippis ! Scoll! Nastrovije !

  • Dankeschön.

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