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Alas! The Thought of You (Satis Shroff)


I suffered from the woes

And throes of love,

The day I met you.

The thought of you

Had been tormenting my mind.

Will this love slumber on

Like a brief candle,

Or will it be an eternal flame?


The thought of you

Followed me,

Like a walking shadow,

Where ever I go.


Where is the serenity and tranquillity

That was spoken of in poetry lectures?

Where the gratified desire?

I feel like a tormented soul,

With hormones taking control like demons,

My breath out of control.


In secret we met,

Smelt your sweetness,

When I was close to you.

Ours was a love dipped in hopes

Of parental acceptance,

Mingled with fears of rejection.


We never made plans;

It was just the moments

We were together.

We looked at each other,

Terrified and paralysed by love.


I saw your countenance

All the while.

Your almond brown eyes

And your lithe body,

As you jumped into running trains,

Like an Amazon.


Love was like a monsoon:

It came in patters,

Churned my feelings for months,

And was gone.

We kissed and parted

Passion had become speechless,

You don’t weep

For what cannot be.


The train that took you,

Chugged away till I only

Saw the smoke billowing on the hillside.

Alas! The thought of you

As you departed.



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