Love Poems (Gedichte über die Liebe) (Satis Shroff)

COVER Author satisshroff (c) catmandu

Satis Shroff is based in Freiburg and has studied Zoology and Botany  in Nepal, Medicine and Social Sciences in Germany and Creative Writing in Freiburg and the United Kingdom. He writes poems, fiction, non-fiction, and also writes on ecological, ethno-medical, culture-ethnological themes. He describes himself as a mediator between western and eastern cultures and sees his future as a writer and poet. He is dedicated to promoting and creating awareness for Creative Writing and transcultural togetherness in his writings, and in preserving an attitude of Miteinander in this world. He received the Pablo Neruda Award 2017 for Poetry in Crispiano, Italy.



She had short, golden hair
Wore a meek, submissive smile.
When she moved her head,

It was akin to a Bolshoi ballerina
In moments of embarrassment and coyness.
Her blue Alemannic eyes were sweet and honest;
Knew neither treachery nor rebellion.
‘I was brought up to obey,’ she whispered.

Pure bliss and love sublime,
A book you could read.
Plain and straight,
Not in-between the lines.

Yet she’s resolute and seeks
Perhaps stability
Or security?

A neglected childhood
With pain and punishment.
A legacy of the Black Forest
She remained soft and tender,
Submissive and sincere.
Not demanding and aggressive
Ever alert and considerate.

Murmurs and sighs filled the air.
Love became stormy and frantic.
Sweat and aphrodisiac mingled,
To create a moment of magic,
To recede in moans and whispers
And a thousand kisses.

Brought to reality
By the rays of the dying sun
And the sudden noise
Of birds coming home to roost.
A tranquillity after the tumult
Within our passionate souls.

* * *

LOVELYRICS (Satis Shroff)

How silver-sweet sound lovers tongues by night,

Like softest music to attending ears.

(Romeo and Julia: Shakespeare)

Impressions from Journey to Crispiano via Brindisi (satisshroff)
Impressions from Journey to Crispiano via Brindisi (satisshroff)

GROW WITH LOVE (Satis Shroff)


Love yourself

Accept yourself,

For self-love and self-respect

Are the basis of joy, emotion

And spiritual well-being.


Watch your feelings,

Study your thoughts

And your beliefs,

For your existence

Is unique and beautiful.


You came to the world alone

And you go back alone.

But while you breathe

You are near

To your fellow human beings,

Families, friends and strangers

As long as you are receptive.


Open yourself to lust and joy,

To the wonders of daily life and Nature.

Don’t close your door to love.

If you remain superficial,

You’ll never reach its depth.


Love is more than a feeling.

Love is also passion and devotion.

Grow with love and tenderness.

* * *


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