Autumn has retreated,

The windows are decorated,

With mistletoes and pine cones.

An icy wind is blows outside,

Causing a tin angel to swing wildly in the balcony.

The snow flakes change direction,

As the wind from the Vale of Hell whips them.

A snow storm in the Schwarzwald.

* * *

Inside the house emanates

A sweet smell of apple-cakes,

Biscuits in the form of stars

And crescent moons,

With chocolate and roasted nuts on top.

Tea and Linzertorte are served in the warm Stube.


The warm glow of the candles,

The sweet aroma of mixed spices,

Float to your nostrils,

From the Glühwein in a pot:

Cardamom, Gewürznelken,

Anise, brown sugar and cinnamon-sticks.

Baked cheese stars rubbed with parmesan,

Sesame, coriander, mustard-flower

And pumpkin seeds.


The smell of Hokkaido pumpkin in apple-vinegar,

With mustard seeds, black pepper corns

And ginger roots.

Salmon baked in dough,

With chicory salad,

And apple-pudding to go with it.

* * *

The storm abates outside and what you behold,

Is winter idyll in the Schwarzwald.

For the people in the Black Forest,

Winter in the old days meant austerity and poverty.

Making cuckoo clocks, handmade-products,

Wooden skiis, table and chairs,

Weaving for the womenfolk,

Breeding horses in St. Märgen and St. Peter;

Today it’s tourism throughout the year.



Glühwein: mulled wine

Vale of Hell: Höllental

Nelken: cloves

Kummel: caraway seeds.

Stube: lounge, parlour,living room


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